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Products of fascol are committed to make children fell happy and ensure the security of children at the same time. so fascol will share some interesting things on social media.

Today ,we share some children’jokes and funny pictures on social media.


1.The topic  for  third-grade class was genetics. Smiling broadly, the teacher pointed to her black hair and asked, “What trait do you think I passed on to my children?”
One student called out, “Wrinkles!” at that time, I just want to give him a expression  in my eyes.


2.Tina has a pair of twin sons, one day ,the young brother was so depressed. because his mother didn’t give him dinner, but give twice to elder brother. Because his  mother once again became the brother recognized his brother. and he did not eat lunch, then, he was shout and cry, but his mom felt strange, How silly of the mother.

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3.My five-year-old son is crazy about cars, so I took him to his first car show. He loved seeing all the different models and brands and gushed over the big engines, the colors, and even the wheels. But the car he was most impressed with was a hearse. “Mom!” he shouted. “Look at all this storage!”at that time, I am so regret to take him to the car show.

4.A man walks into a pub and sits down next to a man with a dog at his feet. “Does your dog bite?” “No.” A few minutes later the dog takes a huge chunk out of his leg. “I thought you said your dog didn’t bite!” the man says indignantly. “That’s not my dog.”

5.At an army training camp in Florida, the Seargent is giving a talk: “The main quality we look for in this army is commitment and this is what I call commitment.” An alligator came in the room and bit the seargents penis. It stayed there for about a 10 seconds then the seargent  poked it in the eyes and kicked it off. “Now who’s ready to show their commitment?” said the Seargent. A man put his hand up and said “I will, but promise you won’t poke me in the eyes.”


1.How delicious food, Sam is so hungry,” mom, can you give some meal for me ,I also want to drink some milk. hurry up~”


2.David like music, when the music is so interesting or pleasant, he will swayed to the music .like telling us :come on ,everybody, I try my best to sing it to you.


3.Smith saw a beautiful girl will be crazy. one day, A friend of his mother take her daughter to their home when he  was taking a shower. “oh, the girl is so beautiful. I fell in love her, mom, take me out quickly”,Smith shouted.


4.Tom’s mother put him and his brother in the table, and prepared a sumptuous dinner for them, Tom was tired and want to sleep ,but the food is so delicious, he also want to eat it out. then he eat while sleeping. niece ask her mom to buy a scooter to her on fascol, but her mother refused her request. so she  ask me for help and eyes filled with tears, so I purchase the scooter and she love it very much.

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6. Summer is so hot so many people like eating watermelon, Aaron like to eat watermelon too, and he tell his mother he want to live in it .on the one hand,he can always eat the delicious watermelon, on the other hand, he felt very cool.




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