Top 10 Baby Kick Scooter Suppliers Import Goods from Fascol

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We are going to reveal some secrets in the baby kick scooter field. For your children’s safety and purchasing a baby kick scooter at a reasonable price. Please reference the top 10 baby kick scooter suppliers, you can buy the scooter of high performance-price ratio.

1. Micro Kickboard

Micro Kickboard pay attention to the  safety of the scooter, so they has a high requirement on the material . their scooter are used the best materials available, together with a quality design and construction that makes them exceptionally stable, safe and reliable. they encourage children to scoot smart and scoot safe. Now, I will introduce a kind of scooter of Micro Kickboard is imported from fascol 

Mini deluxe is the best-rated scooters for 2 to 5 years, three months ago, Micro kickboard  buy it in large  quantities from fascol, it has a  adjustable T-bar, it is convenient that child  according to their own need to adjust the height. there are many color for child, they can choose  their favorite color. but now fascol make it better ,its wheels can give out colorful light and c
onfigure with a dedicated knee to protect the child from harm.



Folding Scooter Kick Scooter











2. iScoot pro v2

There are all kinds of scooter, not only do they sell children’s scooter, but also sell big kids’scooter, there is a cool scooter import from fascol.

This is the medium sized version suitable for 5 years and over, Unique three wheeled design provides stability Front handbrake for better safety and control. Dual foot plates for stability. Heavy duty steel frame.but it can not foldable, it is a disadvantage.  then,fascol did improve on the basis of this , enable it to fold for easy storage.  Folding dimensions:850*220*350mm,  Ideal for use on flat, smooth surfaces.

this scooter has a strong stability which  through the use of three 125mm polyurethane wheels. and push Swivel tricycle is good for children’s health .children can build leg strength body coordination and balance through ride it. Adjustable Height from 800mm to 950mm. 



Item Weight 6 Kg Product Dimensions 25 x 18 x 93 cm Manufacturer recommended age: 3 years and up Manufacturer reference 584886647 Assembly Required No Batteries Required? No Batteries Included? No Remote Control Included? No Color Blue                                   81NMRO8WAJL._SL1500_





3. Razor Scooter

Razor scooter Sale a variety of outdoor products, and their scooters are very nice , they often  purchased  scooter from fascol. they want to find a extremely disengaged scooter,  the razor A2 scooter has  no  rattling loose parts, Razor added cool features, including springless front suspension and a wheelie bar. but children are easy to get hurt from sudden fall. so many parents may complained about its security. then ,they put this question feedback to their suppliers-fascol. To modify products, the scooter can ensure the safety of children.New scooter has  extra large high rebound PU wheels.The rear brake ensures smooth stops and safe driving pleasure.

Scooter Height price                   pTRU1-23774798dt




4. Radio Flyer

Radio Flyer has brought you toys for outdoor play since 1917.The unique characteristics of radio flyer is their color. they only have two kind of color: red and pink.

You can create a trike for your baby, 9 months to 5 years can use it, choose 6 fabrics to make it. Add comfort, sun protection, speakers and more. but there is a more Convenient  tricycle on fascol official website. different from other sellers, fascol use the inflatable wheels, which can adapt to a variety of road conditions. So it has a better cushion to reduce the shock. And it is not easy to be out of shape. unique design of double seat for twin. The seat can rotate to boost the interactivity between children, enhance the relationship among the kids, multi children families will enjoy a strong practicability. Safe falling prevention guardrail and safety buckle are designed and set. The body stents uses thickened material, which makes it more steady and strong. Children safety is effectively ensured. it is obvious that fascol  manufacturing a better tricycle so that  customers can purchase a effective product.

twin trike with parent handle                                    BAT_landing

5.Kids preferred

This supplier import the scooter from fascol and some of  their items are sold on toysrus, there is a cut scooter that named ride’n’roll lamb for litter baby, your child can scoot around living room. it has four casters for moving in any direction, the handle can help baby to keep balance and stay safety on the seat, and fascol have a new idea, they develop more cartoon image of the scooter in order to attract the interest of the child.if you  don not like sheep,you you can choose other cartoon characters.

Fascol® 4 in 1 Multi-functional Children's Scooter Carry On Trolley Luggage Ride-on Suitcase Baby Toys front                 Fascol® 4 in 1 Multi-functional Children's Scooter Carry On Trolley Luggage Ride-on Suitcase Baby Toys                                          pTRU1-21052676dt

6.Little Tike

Little Tike keep long-term cooperation with fascol,  fascol can provide the perfect and high quality scooter to them. Fascol make products that encourage active & imaginative play for kids. and the biggest wish of little tike is to let the children happy to play. this purpose consistent with Little Tike’s  point of view, Featuring 3 wheels for better balance and control so that you only need body slightly move, pique curiosity, create the miracle, let the child’s dream. Not only is it fun for children but also it’s stylish and features in cool sleek colors!


91ALqK3KQsL._SL1500_                                             240_F_112761269_IGRzlrSh3X9xkNUfSSGsgemSDwTq1ohA

7. Argos scooter

argos committed to selling children’s scooter,there are various scooter on the website of them, and most of  the scooter are provided by fascol. one sells very well, Disney Frozen folding inline scooter is a scooter which covered by cartoon pictures, the theme is Disney. many a children love it, however, most of them are girls boys prefer anime. in order to meet the needs of  more children, fascol find out all kinds of cartoon images, and scooter become colorful and abundant.

 $_12 Shopkins-Folding-in-line-scooter-229x300


Globber is a successful supplier, the customers are thought highly of it, they pay attention to the stability of scooter, they believe three wheels can enhance the stability. Globber MY FREE 3 Wheel Scooter with Steering Lock Button and ABEC 5 Bearings which import from fascol. adjustable height handlebars grow with your child and the steel plate reinforced deck offers support while riding. a long rear brake covers the entire rear wheel for more efficient braking and low deck clearance from the ground maximizes stability. Everything is given priority to with your children’s safety.

Color: Blue, Orange, Pink; Weight Bearing: 50 KG                                                        滑板车

9. Rimable

Rimable sell two main products scooter and skateboard. last month , a friend brought a baby adjustable height 3in1 kick scooter with light up wheels for her little niece, she said her niece very like it and she thought highly of it too. ” It was super easy to assemble and I am very grateful that the company even included the tool that I would need to do so, the only assembly was attaching the seat and basket to the handlbar and clicking the handle bar into place. The LED wheels add a bit of sparkle to the unit as it is being ridden.“ she suggest rimable to improve the seat, the seat was a little unstable. when Rimable ‘s supplier-fascol heard this advice, they try their best to improve, they strengthening the seat, what’s more the seat can be easily uninstalled and adjustable.

toy cars for girls                                         61h3r3m3UEL._SL1100_


10. XLM

The product of XLM is designed based on the need of children,Not only did they fouse on  the safety of a child, but also providing much fun for them. we know that  fascol in order to attract baby’s interest, let scooter had a lot of cartoon images and fascol considered in various aspects for making sure the safety of a child, so fascol make improvement on the cartoon scooter wheels, the new product with four wheels and has three adjustable height which make child can still use though they grow taller. the new product makes XLM feel satisfied, they start purchasing various scooter from fascol.

61K8HZI3O+L._SL1001_                51v+n2vbz6L._SL1001_


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