Top 7 Healthy, Educational, Fun sports for kids

playing bicycle

The benefits of eaercise are endless for people, especially for children, exercise can lay a solid foundation for the body to grow healthy and strong, this benefits will benefit them all the life. sports also play a very important role in improving cardiac function.

For children, the benefits of sports are promote bone growth and coarsening, increase bone density, increase bone weight, Children who love doing sports, their bone grow very strong, it is because that sports make their muscle fiber got growth, increase the strength and endurance of muscle. so parents should let your kids do some sports, but not excessive exercise. and not all of sports are suitable for kids. there are top 7 sports for children.

  • Jogging

For children over the age of three, jogging is the most healthy sports, on the one hand, jogging is a form of relatively steady and slow running. on the other hand, at this age, children’s body movement is not coordination, physical strength is weak, balance ability is poorer. so the small stride, large stride frequency running is a useful method to develop children’s balance ability and physical strength. although jogging is good for children, there are some matters need attention:

  1. Warning children pay attention to safety before running
  2. Teach your child to learn to control the running speed and time
  3. Don’t run too long, long distance is not suitable for children


  • play ball

Ball games based on the movement of the ball, this kind of sports can exercise the child’s hand-eye coordination, agility, speed and balance, promote the formation of children’s basic quality. In addition, the general ball games project requires teamwork, children can learn to respect the opponent and the referee, learn teamwork, so as to raise their level and consciousness of competitive. Formal training in the ball has a lot of benefits to the health of children.

Children play with an oversized soccer ball at a park in the Brooklyn borough of New York July 20, 2011. REUTERS/Lucas Jackson

  • play scooter

Children’s scooter exercise is the best prescription for bodybuilding, it can prevent children form obesity caused by excess nutrition, children often play scooter can make muscle is more powerful, joints are more flexible, spine is more straight. they will be more confident, and can control their own body.

fascol baby scooter

  • ride bicycle

Ride bicycle is benefit for children’s growth, riding a bike is outdoor activities, the fresh air and plenty of sunshine, has a unique efficacy on children’s natural growth, plenty of outdoor activities is the best recipe for a dose of children grow up happy. Sports is the nature of children, while riding a bicycle can promote children’s movement, develop children’s balance ability, the sooner you ride a bicycle, for children, the better for the development of sports talent.

baby/kids/children bicycle

  • gymnastics

Gymnastics is a kind of indoor sport which can make body more soft, Have a great effect for shaping a good body shape. and if you don’t want to practice gymnastics in the future, girls can be directly to learning dance, boys can learn to Martial arts, because you have practiced the basic skills when you exercise the gymnastics.


  • dance

Dancing is a important means to carry on comprehensive education of the moral, intellectual,physical and beauty, it play a important role in children’s physical, emotional, aesthetic, attention, can promote the children’s physical and mental health, enhance children’s physical coordination ability.


  • karate

Karate also called empty-handed, composed of a variety of martial arts system.It’s easy to learn, especially suitable for children to practice. Karate pay more attention to etiquette, it can improve the children’s moral qualities while enhance children’s physical skills.


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