Top 8 benefits of children’s scooter

Nowadays, Scooter is more and more popular among children, scooter also play an important role in the lives of children, I summarized eight benefits share with you.

  1. Children’s scooter sports help children to increase gastrointestinal motility, enhance the ability of gastrointestinal digestion, increase appetite, nutrition is absorbed completely, make children develop better.
  2. Children’s scooter exercise can increase the height, enhance the function of each organ system. the children will be more strong. children can grow because of the growth of the whole body bone, especially the growth of long bone, the epiphyseal cartilage at the ends of the long bone part is the growing point of bone, scooter sports improve the blood circulation, bone got more nutrition. so the bone can grow quickly, then make the child height increase accordingly.
  3. Children’s scooter exercise can exercise the child limbs, increase the power of muscle and the muscle gradually become plump. before the child development to strengthen abdominal muscle, waist, back, arms and legs support,at same time, do some conditioned reflex training, these practice can make children become sensitive and muscles become rich.
  4. Children’s scooter sports can promote the cardiopulmonary function, accelerate blood circulation, strengthen metabolism, the metabolism developed, strengthen the contraction force. when children do sports, muscle activity need to consume large amounts of oxygen and discharge more carbon dioxide, and respiratory organs need to double work, over time, it good for enhance the function of respiratory organs, has a good effect to prevent respiratory diseases.
  5. Children’s scooter sports can promote the development of the nervous system. when children exercise, coordinated movement of the body ministries are under unified control and regulation of the nervous system, therefore, parallel to physical exercise, the nervous system have also been training and improvement .
  6. Children scooters exercise can prevent disease. parents should take children to outside as much as possible, children play scooter outdoor can receive the sunshine, breathe the fresh air, can gradually accept the change of external environment, Continue to exercise the skin and mucous membranes of the respiratory tract to enhance its tolerance, Cortex also can feel the cold and heat stimulation. When the natural factors change, children can quickly and accurately to react, balancing their body with the environment, so it is not easy to catch a cold and suffer heatstroke. In outdoor activities, after the sun’s ultraviolet radiation to the skin, can make the 7 – dehydrocholesterol of skin into vitamin D, to promote the body’s absorption of calcium and phosphorus, prevention and treatment of rickets. Ultraviolet rays can also stimulate the bone marrow produce red blood cells and prevent anemia. Fresh oxygen in the air, can promote metabolism and has the effect of sterilization.
  7. Children scooters exercise can make children smarter. people in activities, muscle of the nerve can be all kinds of stimulation impulses to the brain, so as to promote the function of the brain, then the brain can be more sensitive response to the cation.
  8. Children’s scooter sports  can shape children’s character. children play scooter can overcome some bad behavior, and have a good character with bright,lively and optimistic. play scooter can also cultivate children’s perseverance. sometimes children need to do some difficult scooter skills, then, they need to pay a large effort so that the willpower become uncompromising. in addition, after children play scooter, they become strong and confidence, they also become politely and friendly and would share enjoyment with their partner. so the scooter sport help litter children get well along with other kids.

Scooter can make your child become more outstanding, so purchase a scooter for your kid as soon as possible. fascol is your best choice!

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