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10 Things to Pack for a Flight to Keep the Kids Entertained

We asked blogger Anna over at Wave To Mummy for her top ten tips, tried and tested on her own 3 year old daughter! Here are her ten ideas for you to pack in your child’s Trunki or PaddlePak to keep them entertained during a flight…

When you’re going on a trip abroad it’s always a bit of a worry how your kids will take to being stuck in an airplane, especially if the flight is long.


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1 | A children’s magazine – you can pick one up from the airport and they provide hours of entertainment. You often get stickers and some cheap plastic toys to occupy your child with – bonus!

2 | Favourite plush toy – provides a buddy to cuddle if they are a bit scared and brings comfort in strange surroundings.

3 | A smart phone – Fisher Price do some excellent and free apps for babies and toddlers on iPhone. For slightly older kids, CBeebies and Peppa Pig apps are great.

4 | Kids headphones – you can get headphones especially made for kids, with volume control so they won’t damage their hearing.

5 | A tablet full of their favourite programmes or movies is a great way to ensure they stay still, at least for a bit. You could also download some games and other apps to entertain your kids.

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6 | Crayons – to draw with and colour in the children’s magazines! No need to sharpen and if you get them on your clothing they should come off in a wash.

7 | Finger foods – raisins or other small snacks allow babies and toddlers to practice their pincer movement and finger dexterity. For older kids biscuits can be a good choice, and lollipops as well to help with the change in air pressure. As a bonus, the snacks should keep them occupied and content for a while.

8| Finger puppets or a hand puppet – something small and entertaining. Great to break out for a little surprise when everything else fails.

9 | A magnetic board – this is a brilliant addition to an entertainment pack as it is mess-free and easy to use. You can also use it educationally, and draw numbers and letters for your child.

10 | A new toy -You could also get a new toy at the airport, as you are guaranteed a few quiet moments with the excitement a new toy brings.

Pack all of this entertainment in one bag so it’s easy to pull out whenever you might need it. A basic drawstring bag works well – it’s light and you can close it so nothing falls out. And – of course – don’t forget your Trunki Fascol suitcase. Hand luggage sized and ideal for providing entertainment in the airport and for transporting tired little toddlers after their flight!

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