Do you wanna be a great father like Roger Federer?

Roger Federer, the greatest tennis player of all time(GOAT called by fans) just won his sixth Australian Open and 20th Grand Slam title with a five-set victory over Marin Cilic on 28th, Jan. 2018. Federer, 36, becomes the only one male player ever win 20 major singles titles.

“It’s a dream come true and the fairytale continues,” said Federer. He couldn’t hold his tears back when he thanked his team including his coach and his wife Mirka Federer. The audiences gave an overwhelming stand-up ovation and applauded to their favorite tennis player ever.

There is no argument that Federer is still one of the best tennis players at this moment. He is a fighter. He didn’t quit when some people said that he was too old to win another Grand Slam. His persistence and faith helped him win three of five major titles in the past whole year.

Roger is also well known as a family man. He once said,” I will stop playing tennis If Mirka says she doesn’t want me to play anymore”. Family first is an important creed to him, especially he is a father of two sets of twins right now. What a lucky man Federer is. He must save the universe or hit the biggest jetpack in his previous life.

Last year, Federer’s four children witnessed him to win his 19th Grand Slam in Wimbledon. Many fans still remember that sweet and cute moment. Unfortunately, we didn’t see similar scene this year in Australia Open. “I miss them, but they have to go to school and learn something,” said Federer,”I can’t wait to get back to Swissland and play with them.”

Yes, Federer is a great father. He spends as much time as he can to be with his four young kids. The girls are 8 years old and the boys are 4 years old now. You can see how cool and patient Federer is when being with his kids. He even changed the diaper or pulled the tricycle for them by himself. He just enjoys being a proud and happy dad just like everyone. That’s the lesson we can all learn from Roger. Spend more time with your children as you can, no matter how busy and who you are.

children christmas family tricycleSo what would you do if you have children at the same age like Roger’s kids? Well, you can take them out just like Roger did. Since young children are very easy to get tired for a long walk, you’d better put them in a tricycle if they are under 5 or bring kick scooters for children who are 5 to 12. If you don’t know which brand to get, We highly recommend Fascol to you. They provide the best tricycles for toddlers and varied kick scooters for young kids.

Just play with your kids and you’ll be a great dad and parent like Roger Federer. And your children may grow up and become a champion one day, you just never know.

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