A Warm Story: Sweet girl Wants 60 Scooters for Other Children for Thanksgiving and Christmas

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The holiday season is coming and every little child is praying for great gifts and presents. But there is one wish from a little girl is very different from others and it warms everyone’s heart when people hear it, here is her story.

Angela is almost 6 years old. When their parents asked her what she wanted for Thanksgiving and Christmas this year, she thought for a few minutes,then she told her parents that she wanted 60 kid scooters for other children. When being asked the reason,  Angela said that she wanted other children to be happy just like she is. Since her new Fascol scooter brought her so much joy,she wanted other children to have them too.

Angela’s parents were surprised. At first,they laughed about this idea. But then they realized how great it is for a little girl to think of others. They are very proud of her and didn’t wanna disappoint her, So they decided to help Angela to make her wish come true.

However, the cost of 60 scooters is not a small number, and that was not in Angela’s parents‘ budget for this year’s Christmas shopping. Friends and neighbors around their community began to donate money after they heard this touching story, but that’s just not enough. Then a great idea came to Angela’s mother – why not directly write to Fascol – the company they bought the scooter from for Angela and ask for some help? So she took action and wrote a letter. In the letter, they told Fascol about Angela’s story and explained their plan. They wanted to assign all the scooters to the kids in need within their community and they had contacted a few Children organizations around their areas.

Fascol was deeply moved by the big heart of this angel-like girl after they received the letter, so it didn’t take them one second to decide to donate all 60 newest Fascol DIY scooters to support Angela’s dream, in addition to that, considering safety, Fascol also decided to provide 60 helmets as well to the recipients. And just like that, One mission which seemed impossible was just accomplished successfully.

Angla believes that if scooter can make her happy, then it should make everyone else happy and that is her wish for this year. Sure, 60 scooters are not enough,It won’t reach every child’s dream in this world, but what if more people think like Angela?  Will it be a better world than today? I bet it is. For parents and Fascol, it’s their responsibility to protect every child’s good wish and never let it fade away.

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