When did going outdoors become boring-how to make stepping out enjoyable for your kids?

How to Make Stepping Out Enjoyable For Your Kids

Imagine one of those kids of the 20th century sitting down in front of the television or computer whole day. It sounds very awkward and if you are a parent, you were probably born in the 20th century when playing outdoors was a lot of fun and most of the children activities involved games outdoors. But things have relatively changed and now kids live in the world of Xbox, Nintendo and PlayStation more than any of the outdoor games that we once enjoyed.

This has started percolating their lives and negative effects are already being noticed by teachers, doctors and psychologists. Let us look at some of the ways in which you can make outdoor sessions fun for your kids so that they look forward to enjoying the time they spend outside and get enough fresh air and exercise to keep them healthy.

1. Watching Wildlife

If you live at a place that allows you to take your kid to a neighbourhood nature park then it can be very interesting for your child to experience nature and its bountiful secrets. With birds and animals that surround the place, your child will be able to breathe fresh air and sense the presence of the many birds by listing to their chirps and look at animals that live in the place. You can have them create a nature book where they can write about their experiences and draw or stick pictures. This will have them wanting to go back again and again for new experiences.

2. Let them find adventure on their Kick Scooters

Take them to a local park and let them ride a kick scooter around the park where you do not have to worry about traffic and you can keep an eye on them as they mingle with new kids and make new friends. Kick scooters are trendy and it makes your kids look cool. It helps them make friends easily as they show off their ride to other kids.

Children enjoy the attention they get with the kick scooters and it allows them to enjoy a certain level of independence when they have their own ride. If your kid does not have a kick scooter yet, then you can check some flashy kick scooters which are designed for comfort and keeping safety in mind on https://www.fascol.com/ .

Kids scooter

3. Cycling

When was the last time you considered using a bicycle to stay fit? It is not only healthy for you, but it is also great for children as they are introduced to new rides. They learn how to balance themselves and their sense of directions improves with cycling. While kids should start with easy balancing bikes, they can gradually learn to use bicycles. Amazon has many different types of cycles that you can buy for your kids. Even Fascol has some wonderful options for kids. Visit Fascol to check their collection so that you can choose a bicycle that your kid can enjoy. For very small children, Fascol even has a collection of tricycles for parents to consider introducing tricycles to them.

4. Have you heard of a bug box?

Kids are curious by nature. They love to explore and find out new things around them. Flowers, leaves, insects and animals give them the chance to find out more about the world they live in, and they are sweetly coerced into enjoying the outside world when the outdoor world begins to reveal its beauty. Buy your kids tools that will give them a chance to spend time outside. A trowel, a bug box, magnifiers and scrapbooks to detail their confrontations with nature can help your children enjoy outdoor time. You may have them so interested that they may end up spending a good amount of time outdoors than they do in front of the television or computer.

5. Bird Feeders

Bird feederCreate a bird feeder with the help of your kid and put it up at a place that is close to the window so that your kids can watch the birds that come to feed. You can encourage them to keep a bird book and this way they can learn and enjoy. They can help you refill the feeder and even watch the birds from the garden if the weather permits it. This will give them the chance to play in the garden and also check the birds that come to the feeder.


Why is it necessary for kids to spend time outdoors?

We had a lot of trouble staying inside our homes, and it appears that our kids are having troubles spending time outside. They love the games they can play on the computer and they don’t usually enjoy games that can leave them exhausted. Leading a life of comfort and ease is making many children unhealthy and a lot of kids are suffering from obesity. Others are suffering from health conditions which are generally linked with insufficient exercise.

Their muscular growth and stamina has reduced substantially from what it should be. This is accorded to the effects of technology as they get the chance to enjoy playing games at the comfort of their games without moving too much from their rooms, unless they need another glass of juice or soda. This is taking a toll on the entire generation and doctors are already educating parents about the importance of outdoor time.


Things to Remember

When you take your kids outdoors, remember that they may complain about the fact that they are missing out on an important game, but try to keep your outdoor sessions short and interesting at the beginning till they finally figure that outdoor is more fun than their games. Then you can increase the time they spend outdoors and allow them a level of independence outdoors which they will gradually begin to enjoy.

The freedom to step out and move around with lesser restrictions will make them feel more responsible. I am not going to ask you to leave them on their own. Make sure you keep an eye out for your kids, but don’t let them feel too restricted.

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