why your child is not smarter than others

scooter with seat

if you ask the kid learning or playing which they do like best, playing they are bound to choose. playing is the children’ s nature and also the power they possess. it’s parents responsibility to teach children how to be smart  within playing. While baby is play can’t without toys, toys can stimulate baby’s intellectual development. Play what toys, how to play, will have an effect on your baby’s potential ability to learn. Toys can not only stimulate children’s brain development, but also can make more growth of nerve cells in the synapse.

Which kind of toys can develop kids’ intelligent? The tips can be listed as follow.

1、the toy can be taken away

children would crazy in the toy taken away, and they will try to comprehend  “why would the toy run?” Like the fascol products, it is the typical educational toy. for example, the children luggage scooter.

2、children’s  cars

children can control themselves bascially at the end of two years old. they can drive or ride fleetly and slowly. it will open children’s intelligence that the car can carry their toys. for example, the tricycle tendem scooter, the product of fascol.

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