World Anti-Doping Agency with the children’s education


Everyone want to make a lot of achievements, so we should efforts to train our skills, however some people in order to make a achievements using improper methods,such as some athletes using doping.

The world anti-doping agency yesterday affirmed it and UCI has taken ownership of blood and plasma proof gathered 10 years prior in the Spanish examination concerning Dr Eufemiano Fuentes’ doping ring. The declaration comes weeks after the Madrid Court of Appeals permitted the appropriation of the proof from the case that was shut with Fuentes getting a one-year suspended sentence. Following the recent decision by the Madrid Court of Appeal to give access to the stored Operation Puerto blood and plasma bags of athletes from cycling and other sports, the World Anti-Doping Agency can confirm that, alongside the Union Cyclist Internationale , it is now in possession of samples of the blood and plasma bags; and that, the samples are stored in a WADA-accredited laboratory outside of Spain,” the WADA announcement read. WADA and the UCI will proceed with their joint examination concerning Operation Puerto, and will consider all conceivable legitimate choices.”

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By the news we know that illegal acts can not escape the legal sanctions, we should always warn ourselves to be a honest man. Especially for children’s education,on the one hand, parents have to educate children honest and trustworthy at their childhood ;on the other hand ,we should let children know no shortcut to success, they must through their own efforts. the events about Anti-Doping not only tell us can not use doping, but also let us realized that whatever you do must abide by the law.

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The child’s behaviors is cultivated from childhood, so it is necessary to correct children’s bad habits when they are small. in addition, parents need to pay attention to the child’s skills development and alternate work with rest. when your kids feel tired, you should let them relax rather than continue practicing.the worst thing is many a parents give their children too much pressure. some children often because of the pressure given by parents to become depressed, under too much pressure, children will use some non-formal means to get success for parents satisfaction. in a way, Children’s bad behaviors are due to the parents neglect their children’s education.


How to improve the skills of children I do not do much introduction, I want to share some experience about how to let the children release pressure,perhaps you will say:”the pressure is released while the children were playing.” it is all right, but we should let the children also get some skills while they were playing instead of wasting time to play. as far as I am concerned, play sports is a good ways to relax, of course, ride scooter or bicycle is a kind of sport, Not only did ride can make children enjoy and relax,but also can enhance children’s physical so that they become strong and brave. so scooter is a wonderful gift for your child, scooters  process is a process of education. you can purchase a high quality scooter in fascol

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I hope you can mean to some important things from the news about World Anti-Doping Agency

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