Your Olympic dream from the beginning of scooters


Recently, it is popular Former Gophers athlete Sean Donnelly came through with a clutch throw on his third and last preliminary attempt Wednesday night to advance to the finals of the hammer throw in the U.S. Olympic track and field trials. The news about Olympic has always been people’s attention. in fact, everyone has a Olympic dream, and we need to have the spirit of sport. not only do sports make us strong, but also it is a good interest.

BEIJING, July 23, 2015, according to Japanese media reports, Japan Skating Federation has revealed that, taking into account the popularity among young audiences, the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games Organizing Committee has to apply for skateboard as a new Olympic sport.  As an Olympic host city, Tokyo may propose new events. Currently, the slide has been included in the list of Japan’s final screening. Japanese media said the move was due to the intention of the International Skating Federation, aimed at highlighting the young audience high popularity of skateboarding. IOC selection criteria for the new project attaches great importance to the young favorite sport. skateboard also has a high popularity in North America, it is one of the items “Summer XGame” extreme sports tournament. According to the Japanese sports-related sources, the   skateboarding and roller skating marathon road has been applied as implementation of the project .

Playing scooter is a kind of healthy sport. you can ride it with your child and scooters are always popular with children of all ages from baby to teens. what the most important is you can achieve your Olympic dream begin with scooter in the future. before you ride scooter, you need to purchase a perfect scooter for you and your child, Fascol is the leading retailer of scooter products and scooter accessories for all ages and a brand you can trust. I will introduce five kinds of learning the technique of scooter and related products for you .


the right foot of riders in front of the slide to the right, Left foot on the ground, you focused on the right foot. With the left pedal, the slide plate slides forward, then slide the left foot stepped on the tail close up, remain standing balance, glide period, then the left pedal, repetitive movements

2.Skateboarding skills reversal

Slide forward to reach the appropriate speed, the legs spread far apart across both ends of the slide. you will focus on the front foot, the end of the plate tilt while turning it clockwise 180 degrees (backwards or turn outward). If the action is correct, complete skateboard reversed, right foot to become the support leg.

3.Skateboarding tricks of 360 degree rotation

Skaters glide in turn by a slight push to find a balance, can swing back and forth, can also be circling. As far as possible to maintain the level skateboard. When ready, counterclockwise swinging arm. While maintaining a balance,you also can be done left last cranked. The focus falls on the right foot, right arm swing, and bring the whole body rotation.

4.Under Hom Tips

Near Canton Street, the center of gravity moved to the rear. When the end plate over the sill, the front wheel lifted. To maintain this position, slightly squat, prepare on the ground.

5.On Hom Tips

When you near Canton, the riders will focus moved to the back foot, before reaching the end of the street sill plate to lift it skipped along the ridge. In the air will quickly move to the center of gravity from the rear foot forefoot. Press the front end of the slide on the steps, so that the end plate is also on the steps

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